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We have added two children into our foster families. These former
orphans receive not only physical comfort of a warm house, food and clothing, but also a sense of stability, protection and most of all Love. With your continuous and faithful support, we plan to add 12 more children into loving homes in 2012.

This past year, we also added another abandoned baby ward in one of the Simferopol hospitals. A worker now cares for several more babies and toddlers who have been left by their
parents either on the street or right there at the hospital. We provide all necessities for
them: formula, diapers, clothes, toys and bedding.

We recently had two children graduate from trade schools who found employment. The children that we foster grow up to become fully productive citizens. The are becoming responsible adults who can alter the generational regress that stunts Ukraine.

In 2011, we received donations from nearly 200 individuals and organizations.

If you would like more information on Mulberry’s ministries, please contact us at

Mulberry International
PO Box 43623
Louisville, KY 40253.

Imagine a place where 80% of
the population lives below the poverty line.

1000 new-born babies are abandoned each year.

14,000 children under the age of 3 are abandoned.

Every day 50 children enter the state orphanage system.

For 70 years God was legally dead.

Mulberry International Childrenʼs Ministries exists to partner with the children and families of Ukraine through advocacy, education and action to promote growth and eternal transformation. We are a non-governmental organization that focuses on nurturing abandoned and neglected children – helping to provide for their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. With your help we can turn a hopeless situation to the glory of God by showing His love through our actions. These young lives can be snatched from the jaws of death, and molded into Christʼs image.